Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am posting this endorsement here on my blog as an example of how we can encouragement and support others: friends, partners or fellow workers..." really are special!" These days we all have the need for more praise in our lives. I find myself referring to the note below on those occassions when I am at a dead end!  These are words that encourage me in my daily work... when I am alone and not in the public eye. Sometimes for artists, we need this support to go on and create, using the gifts we are given. What words can we share with others? Check out the underlined words that really encouraged me in the note below... Pass some of these encouraging words on to a gifted one in your life!! It will make thier day! (and yours too!!) Blessings ~Denise

Note of Recommendation from publisher Penny Shrawder: May I just share? “Having worked with more than a hundred artists in my business as a digital imager and graphics/web designer, Denise's artwork stands on top in terms of creativity, unique style, innovative use of art materials and the highest quality of paints and canvas. If you are looking for artwork that will continue to stand fresh and alive through countless trends and fads in art, you will definitely want an original by Denise Mancour. Her designs are inviting and colors are very soothing and will fit in with any decor. She always puts her spirit and creativity into each piece and strives to reach the essence of beauty. Check her website for samples of her work:, and her show schedule is always up to date on her site. So, stop by one of her art shows to see her work and meet her—she is delightful to talk with, or you can visit her studio for a personal tour. Denise is a prolific painter and always has new originals for sale. If you want to learn how to paint, be sure to ask her about her personal and small-group art classes—you will have a fun and creative day! Her talents are vast and professional, and it is a pleasure to work with her and to consider her a good friend.”