Children's Art

Don't you just love children's art?  They are so uninhibited and liberating in thier art.  I see them with a large piece of paper...a little sun in the top corner...a small house....and don't forget...the family!
The family is usually very large standing next to the house!  And colors!!!  Wow!! I could take a lesson from them...they don't keep anything back.  

A little girl once asked me at an art show "why don't you finish your paintings?"  I had to laugh to myself and answered..."well honey, at my age I forget sometimes what to paint!"  I was kidding her but told her that "as an artist you can paint any way you want to!"  We chatted for awhile about what she would add.  I saw the light go on in her eyes so now I hope she will paint with the freedom that painting gives us.

When I do workshops, I try to loosen up students by doing what I call "line drawing" (one name for it) by choosing a subject for example: a paper clip.  Keeping your eyes on the paperclip...find a point on your paper and rest your pencil at that point.  Now...follow the paper clip with your eyes and don't pick up your pencil or look at your paper!!  It is fun!  try it...then you will see how liberating your art can be!