Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DeniseMancoursArt: The Painting Process...More Than Brushes, Paint & Canvas!

I thought you might enjoy learning about the process that goes into my paintings.  How they travel from my head and heart to the finished painting.  I have been asked the question for years "how long did it take you to paint that picture?"  to which I usually answer: "all my life"!!  Maybe here I can shed a little more light to that answer...

Since I was a child I observed every creation trying to remember by drawing what I could.  Now when my husband and I travel, I see paintings everywhere!  I photograph these views for safe keeping so I can remember what I saw (memory thing-ha!)  The images collect in my mind and I work them over for what sometimes seems like ages.  When my brain is so full of images I can't fit any more (on the left side!)...that is when the process of creating begins.

I remind myself of these "mind paintings" when I watch a slide show from the photo albums on my MAC.   Listening to music with the slide show helps me get the mood and flow of ideas for my paintings.  As I study, the images take hold in my heart, knowing that it is time for thoughts and images to become paintings.

There are some days I sit and stare at the blank canvas and utter a prayer..."Dear Lord
...where do I start??"  We often have these conversations!  So He says to me "just put the brush on the canvas" (dummy!)...and it all flows out!  Amazing!

Embrace your gift through your heart and let it all flow......

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