Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Traveling Gallery!

Try to keep up with me!!!   I have what I call a "traveling" gallery.  I show in Palm Springs and Borrego Springs, CA in the winter and Lake Tahoe in the summer.   I do travel to Mammoth Lakes for the 4th of July and Labor day which ends my summer season.  This in itself is not so relative except to let you know where in comes my inspiration!  Palms to pines, mountains and plains, lakes to oceans.

The next part of the process of creating my art is of the relationship between artist and collector, first time buyer or even just a casual observer.  This part is so valuable to me.  Suze Orman always says "People first..."!  When I sell a painting, a part of me goes with it so it is important to know about a potential collector and to be able to match that personality to a painting.

Learning about people helps me to grow as an artist.  Who are you?  What are your interests?  Where  are you from?  The conversation is a step to introducing my art so I want to know about what interests people.  You won't find me sitting at the back of my booth ...there are so many wonderful people to engage, learn from and welcome!  

I have met people from China to Canada, Australia, England and beyond!!!   They might be interested in what I have painted or maybe not but I receive the blessings of just knowing such diversity exists in our world...and art is as diverse as the people I meet!

So, don't be shy, come in to my gallery (booth) and look...take in the color, the flow, and the technique and let me share with you...the gift of art from my heart! (No charge to look!)

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